Welcome to Antelope Valley Call Center

ALL CUSTOMERS: Please make note of new Billing Address & Phone Numbers P.O.BOX 747, Lancaster, Ca. 93584 OFFICE: 661.952.0771 FAX: 661.952.0772
NEW BASE RATE $74.00 AS OF FEB 1 2018
First Time in Five Years the Base Rate has been increased Due to Rising Costs


1. You are performing your job, doing the work that you have been hired to do, and the phone rings. Are you able to answer it EVERY TIME?
Any hands-on business will have their hands busy when that call comes in. We get your phones so you can concentrate on your job. Future income is lost simply because the phone went to impersonal voicemail or an answering machine. The caller moves on to the next listing in the book. Our LIVE OPERATORS show your customers that you care about their needs.

2. You need time for an important meeting with a client or with your employees. Can you afford to miss the call from your NEXT POSSIBLE CLIENT?
Meetings are a necessity of life in the business world. When you need to be face to face with a client, you can rest assured that ANTELOPE VALLEY CALL CENTER will answer your phones, collect your messages and deliver them promptly, or provide general information. We keep you covered at lunchtime, after hours, during meetings or ANYTIME.

3. You called your mechanic when your car broke and received a MECHANICAL voice telling you to leave a message. Do you want to do that to your customers?
In this world of automation, it pays to have a live person on the line. It adds a personal touch to your business. ANTELOPE VALLEY CALL CENTER is here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year. We never close.

4. You need to wake by a certain time. You're afraid you will sleep through that alarm. You would like to wake to a cheerful HUMAN voice that makes sure you get your day started on a good note.
That PANIC when you wake up late sets the atmosphere for the remainder of your day. ANTELOPE VALLEY CALL CENTER provides a gentle wake-up call that gets your day started right, whether you have a doctor visit, a meeting, or to catch that early morning flight.

5. Your company provides a 24-hour service. Do you sit up all night in case the phone rings? Do you answer the call with a groggy voice?
You will sleep well, knowing a friendly HUMAN voice is waiting to answer your phones, screen calls, provide information, or get the message to you. ANTELOPE VALLEY CALL CENTER will help you to be fresh and rested for your next day of productivity.

6. You have a long drive and traffic is heavy. Do you want to chance grabbing that call? Even with hands free it can put you in danger. Let us take the call.
Let ANTELOPE VALLEY CALL CENTER take some of the stress out of your life. When you are on the job, we are on the phones. We offer OLD FASHIONED SERVICE with STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY. With such affordable rates, how can you afford not to give us a try?

There are no contracts and our services may be canceled at any time. To take advantage of our services, or for questions or further details, please contact us at 661-723-8935.
You can Email us at\A0 antelopevalleycallcenter@gmail.com